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She helps women feel strong and powerful in their bodies. Speaking of Women’s Health – Speaking of Women’s Health is dedicated to: “Educating women to make informed decisions about health, well-being and personal safety for themselves and their families.” The site is run by the Cleveland Clinic Center for Specialized Women’s Health. Strong Healthy – Laura Miranda is a Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer and local fitness & nutrition expert.She created her blog for busy women hungry for cutting edge fitness and nutrition advice. The Great Fitness Experiment – Charlotte decided that she was tired of reading studies in magazines and wondering, well that works well on mice, but what about on people? The Healthy Apron – Erin takes the mystery out of fitness science.So now she reads all the health and fitness research she can track down and she tries it herself. Whether you are struggling with food, weight or simply searching for a healthier lifestyle, you can learn great things from The Healthy Apron. Workout Mommy – Lisa is the Work Out Mommy, and her blog aims to help you find that time and keep you motivated and on task!If you’re a mom, check out the empowering tips and advice this blog has to offer. Fit Bottomed Girls – Erin, Jen, Kristen and Trish together make up the Fit Bottomed Girls. – Healthy Women has been working for more than 20 years to, “educate, inform and empower women to make smart health choices for themselves and their families.” 15.

Now she finds the empowerment to be both a mom and a working woman. The Vegan Woman – The Vegan Woman is written by 13 women and one man.

Her third book, The Purity Myth: How America’s Obsession with Virginity is Hurting Young Women, won the 2010 Independent Publisher Book Award and was made into a documentary by the Media Education Foundation. Soul and Art Studio – Creator of Soul Art Studio, is a business that promotes connecting people with their spirit and creating a life and business that expresses it. Danielle La – Danielle La Porte writes about authenticity, creativity and meaningful work. Marie Forleo – Marie Forleo’s goal is to add more value to your world than you ever dreamed possible by giving you tools that you can immediately use to improve your business and life.

She loves sharing her insights at conferences, on stage, always in high heels. Truth Heart Hussle – Danielle Dowling is part relationship expert, part women’s life coach and part spiritual ass-kicker. She’s the founder of a 100% virtual, woman-owned and run, socially-conscious company who envisions a world where every human being has the financial and emotional freedom to live life to the fullest. The Boss of You – The Boss of You provides business coaching for women.

The authors are Lauren Bacon and Emira Mears who started the site as a living guide to business, their way.

You can find their thoughts & ruminations on business, profiles of women-run businesses, resources for women entrepreneurs and more! Gypsy Gals – Gypsy Gals is a website written by Prime and Nina Sarmiento.

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